Stout Training Bags

Based on a training technique proven in baseball, basketball and sprinting, our new heavyweight “Stout” training bag will improve your cornhole game by beefing up the muscles – and muscle memory – that make up your throw.

At 24 oz / 1.5 lbs the Stout weights 50% more than regular bags, but other than that it’s just like every other bag in your arsenal –same size, same feel, and same two-sided “stick and slick” construction. That means you can train the same way you play, improving your aim, strength and endurance with every throw.

Like a batter adding a “donut” to his bat for BP, a sprinter pulling a parachute, or a basketball player shooting a weighted ball, throwing a heavier bag during practice session will strengthen the muscles you use when throwing the bag. That way when you switch back to your regular 16 ounce bags, you’ll find it easier to put your bag exactly where you want it…throw after throw after throw.

Not only is this a great daily training bag it is also great to keep with you at tournaments when game waits are extended. A simple down and back with the Stout Bags will get you warm in no time to play.

1.25 lbs Bag Coming Soon!

*Disclaimer. This bag is not meant to throw as high as you can nor is it for you to throw as hard as you can. This is for you to slow down your throw and work on mechanics while building strength. By using this as a regular training regiment you should see results as far as strength and endurance on long throwing days. These bags can also be used for quick warm up right before a game. This is not an ACL or ACO approved bag. Not recommend for tournament play. The Jersey Guy LLC / Stout Bags is not responsible for any damage to boards. If used properly on quality equipment no damage should occur. By purchasing this bag you agree to the above disclaimer.




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